After months of testing by team riders and staff. Eastcrust's Sliptape anti-abrasive membrane is now available to the public. Utilizing natural ingredients and the human obsession with altering nature for better potent ingredients. The combination of protection and performance exceeds conventional methods. Providing longer lasting durability for board and graphic.



When you slide your board on a surface, the electrons within the bottom layer of your skateboard deck are repelling the electrons that make the obstacle's surface. You are hovering above it by a very small distance! Thus increasing slide length.

So how does Sliptape possibly possess the best graphic application?

The nerve cells that make up our body send signals to our brain that tell us we are physically touching something, when the sensation of touch is merely given to us by our electron’s interaction with the electromagnetic field permeating spacetime. Also, we have things such as chemical bonds which allow electrons to “latch on” to imperfections within and on the object’s surface, creating friction. Sliptape’s performance and durability is unmatched compared to standard skateboard deck graphic techniques. Minimizing the friction using this anti-abrasive membrane will
 increase board life acting as a shield barrier.